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Central Heating Repair

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Netplumb Central Heating Services across London

NetPlumb provides a wide range of central heating repair services through, a carefully selected team of Gas safe registered gas engineers and plumbers in London. Our network of Plumbing and Heating engineers in areas including Chelsea, Hampstead, Pimlico, Enfield Fulham South Kensington South Lambeth Stockwell Plumber Brixton Chelsea Clapham Earls Court West Brompton Lee Lewisham New Cross Upper Norwood Anerley Dulwich Peckham Rotherhithe etc. have many years of plumbing and heating experience and can resolve boiler breakdowns, radiator problems and hot water cylinder problems to the highest of standards..

NetPlumb Local Central Heating Engineers

Our network of Heating Engineers covers all areas of London. We will assign a local boiler expert to visit you normally within the same day or the next day. We will arrange a visit by an experienced plumber in your area whether it be Enfield | Chelsea | Hampstead | Pimlico or any other area in London. These engineers have many years of central heating experience and are ready to quote for the work. The quote is free (when quoting on a boiler replacement or installation) and the plumber will be happy to advise on the type of service your system requires.

Central Heating Repair Process

Our Gas safe registered plumbers will go through a rigorous testing cycle to analyse your central heating and boiler to find the root of the fault. As part of examining the boiler and the central heating system together with the connections, the plumber will check:

  • Flow and return pipes (to/from the boiler)
  • Boiler flame firing
  • Flue positioning and heat
  • Lockout on the boiler
  • FCU fuse (power to system)
  • Controls (programmers, thermostats)
  • Boiler pump
  • System pressure
  • Condition of radiators
  • Condition of pipe work
  • Condition of valves and other fittings

Once the plumber has clearly diagnosed the problem they will be able to advise on the best solution to resolve it as soon as possible. Contact us today for your free quotation on a Condense Boiler Installation :02033182988

Customer Feedback – NetPlumb welcomes customer feedback in writing or verbally. We constantly evaluate ourselves based on customer feedback.

What Central Heating System Is Right For Me? NetPlumb provides a wide range of central heating and installation services through a carefully selected team of Local Gas registered plumbers and heating engineers with many years of central heating experience

Types of Central Heating Systems In order to address the various types of heating systems in the UK, the boilers are normally grouped into three main groups:

  • Combination (Combi) boilers
  • Regular boilers (also referred to as ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ boilers)
  • System boilers

The Right Central Heating System for the Job The following review, which was developed with experienced plumbers, shows a few typical scenarios and the type of boiler that is most appropriate for them.

However, it is highly recommended to discuss your specific situation with a professional plumber or heating engineer from our company to help and design the perfect combination of boiler and heating systems for your specific needs.

What Type of Boiler is Right for Me

There are broadly two types of accepted boiler setups:

Combi Boiler Installation

  • Loft space is important, you would like to free up space for storage or loft conversion
  • Your property is small, you live in a flat, space is at a premium
  • You do not have a loft and are looking to replace your boiler
  • You already have an old Combi boiler and you are looking to replace it
  • You are looking for a small boiler to fit in the kitchen

System / Conventional Boiler

  • Your property has 2 or more bathrooms
  • The mains pressure in your property is low
  • You have an old gravity fed system that requires a new boiler
  • There is a large demand for hot water in your household
  • You have a large house with 5 or more bedrooms and 2 or more bathrooms

Radiators Radiators are designed to transfer the heat from the boiler to the room by ‘radiating’ the heat into the room environment.
Typically radiators are made of sealed, normally flat, metal container, which houses the water pumped by the central heating system.

The environment around the radiator heats up therefore transferring the heat into the room
Thermostatic Radiator Valve(TRV)

Most modern radiators come with a TRV, which lets you control the temperature on an individual level in each room.

The thermostatic radiator valve typically has a range of temperatures up to 22c.

Heating your home Choosing a new boiler to heat your home can be a daunting task, raising questions such as: Which heating product do I need? Which type of heating system? How can I find a reputable installer? We can help you to find answers to all your questions.Plumber Kentish Town

Wet Central Heating Systems

Originally, systems were designed to circulate hot water by convection

Radiant Heating

This is a system of heating designed to raise the temperature of a room space

Solar Hot Water System

This is a dhw system which utilises solar energy from the sun.

Emergency Heating Repairs

In an emergency you want a Plumber you can trust to give you quick

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