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Domestic Central Heating Systems

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The term central heating refers to a method of heating a building from a central heat source; it is this which distinguishes it from various forms of localised heating such as gas/coal fires or electric storage heating located within a room. The plumber is only concerned with wet systems of central heating; however, the warm air system is very often connected to primary flow and return pipework to a hot storage vessel. A design of central heating can also be found which uses such materials as electric cable embedded in the walls, designed to warm the structure; the concept is the same as that of radiant systems heating

Dry systems
Warm air
Directly and Indirectly heated

Wet systems
One pipe and Two pipe system

Wet systems
Vented and Sealed (unvented)

Wet systems
Gravity primaries and Fully pumped

Wet systems
Micro-bore and Small bore

Wet systems
Supplying    Supplying
heat emitters     embedded panels
(convected heat)    (radiant heat)

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Wet Central Heating Systems

Originally, systems were designed to circulate hot water by convection

Radiant Heating

This is a system of heating designed to raise the temperature of a room space

Solar Hot Water System

This is a dhw system which utilises solar energy from the sun.

Emergency Heating Repairs

In an emergency you want a Plumber you can trust to give you quick

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