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We at NetPlumb provide the best plumbing and heating services you will find anywhere today. We are highly skilled plumbers with many years of experience. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reliability.  No job is too small or too big for us….We are here to help. We have worked very hard to build our reputation and we are keen to maintain this good record.


Work we carry out include:


·       Emergency tap repair

·       Emergency leak repair

·       Blocked toilet repair

·       Saniflo toilet installation

·       Toilet installation

·       Shower repair

·       Shower installations

·       Bathroom installations

·       Kitchen installations

·       Burst Pipe repair




We charge hourly rates. NO CALL OUT CHARGE!!

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10am -6pm
£70.00 £90.00 £80.00 £100.00 £100.00

*Fixed price

Charges are per hour with a one hour minimum charge and thereafter in 30 minute units. Some work can be carried out on Estimate.



The Kitchen & Plumbing


With plumbing issues in homes tending to generally be focussed around the sink, it is important to be aware of things, which can affect how well your drainage in this area works. The kitchen pipes gets blocked because of what is poured down the sink. According to Scottish Water, 75% of all drain and sewer blockages are caused because of fat and oil and grease (FOG) poured down the sinks (and toilets). It is always advised not to do this and dispose of FOG in the bin.


There is another factor, which you can’t really avoid and that’s the grease and dirt going down the sink form dirty water when you do the washing up. Therefore you can use simple steel strainers over the plugholes which then will keen the bigger pieces of remains from dinner from going down the pipe. For more serious blockages you can use soda crystals or drain cleaners.



If you are haven’t poured grease down your sink and its blocked, it could be that a solid object has been washed down the sink by accident. You may need to remove the U-Bend underneath the sink. You should not need any specialist equipment for this. This can be then cleared and washed out without fuss but if you were not sure then calling a plumber out would be best.


Other tips for maintain a good drainage system in the kitchen include running hot water after the washing up is done and pouring some vinegar down the sink once a month. This will just help to breakdown greasy build-ups.


For dishwashers, it is a good habit to check the salt and rinse aid on a regular basis. Also once a week it is also good practice to clean the food trap. This will help to keep your dishwasher smelling good and washing well.


Bathroom & Plumbing

In the bathroom the problem generally is the build up of hair and dirt down the drain. Call a plumber out to unblock your sinks. We can help.

Call us now on 020 3318 2988




Call us now on 020 3318 2988


Bathroom Refurbishment and Installation


The bathroom is a very important and special room in any home. The bathroom should be practical and function whilst also being a place to relax. Therefore needing to be stylish and to your taste. At NetPlumb we are family plumbers and builders with years of experience. Our bathroom tilers, plumbers & fitters are clean, honest and reliable. We minimize all mess and clean up after ourselves. We will leave your home beautiful.


We understand that installing a new bathroom is an investment into your property so we always work to your schedule. We will work closely with you to create a room that surpasses your expectations.


Whatever budget you are on we can help you. We can refurbish or change a bedroom into a bathroom. We have the skills to complete your job to the highest standard no matter your budget.


Work we carry out:


Toilet installation

Bath installation



We offer these services individually as well.

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Wet Central Heating Systems

Originally, systems were designed to circulate hot water by convection

Radiant Heating

This is a system of heating designed to raise the temperature of a room space

Solar Hot Water System

This is a dhw system which utilises solar energy from the sun.

Emergency Heating Repairs

In an emergency you want a Plumber you can trust to give you quick

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